Monday, April 13, 2009

Late Night Thirst

She fucks me
but mentally
and i can honestly say that i have never been fucked so good.

The last time we talked was about three days ago
Two sixteen in the morning,
my phone rang
and although i was sleeping hard, i heard it
it was like
i felt her

"Leigh, i need you"
that shit touched me

"tell me what you need, and you can have it"

I knew she just wanted to use me.
but at this point
i didn't care

"i need you to moan for me, help me cum" she said

masturbation was never an option for me until i met her
the way she speaks to me
the softness of her voice
it all drives me wild
i gave it to her....
i gave her what she wanted

"are you wet?" i asked. something i already knew
"yes, are you?"
and although it was a lie, for now, i went with it
"yes, im wet." still trying to get there i then asked
"let me hear how wet it is"
and she put her shell to my ear and i heard the ocean.
that too made me feel some kind of way

i slowly rubbed my nipples
they were so erect i couldn't resist
had to let them know i felt the pain they were in
and i did
cause by this time my clit started throbbing, crying for some since of release
so i touched it
gently rubbed it and i heard her say
"can you feel it"
it felt so good, all i could do was moan
and she must have liked that cause she began to moan with me
the more she moaned
the wetter i got
the wetter i got
the faster i went
and before i knew it
it was getting closer
the phone fell away from my ear as i went faster
i placed two of my fingers inside of me and began to thump my g spot as i continued to massage my clit
slowly an orgasm approached
i asked her
"you ready baby?"
she let out a moan and said
"yes can i cum?"
and at this time the only thing that came out of my mouth was yes
i screamed as i released juice to fill her crave
her late night thirst

©Iba Oshun


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