Thursday, January 6, 2011

Caught. Red handed.


never heard me when I cried out for her.
And the only he she cared about was the he who paid the bills and dicked her down every night.
It was like I,
didn't even exist.
I was a ghost in my own house,
to a mother who didn't give a shit and a man who gave enough shit to fuck me when ever he had gotten the chance
she was blind to all of this and died never knowing.
Or did she?
Did she know what he was doing to me on a daily basis?
Was she using me as a sacrifice to the devil himself to live as fabulously as she did?
Never having to work.
Anything she ever wanted
and all for the price of a sweet ripe little ass.
Apparently I was fruit to him,
fruit of the Spirit
bringing his pedaphiliac ass
and happiness as I
going thru every ounce of pain a child could go thru just to keep my mother happy....
That bitch knew, and i bet it ate her up every second of what little bit of life she had left as he drained it from her pale body
The things we do for love.

I'll never forget the night she went to her best friends house and left me there with him for hours.
I was standing in front of the refrigerator getting a glass of juice and he came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder, telling me he wanted to show me something in my room....
i froze, cause i knew the only thing he wanted to show me was a cum shot.
He closed the fridge and led me to the bedroom by grabbing the back of my head then he closed the door.
He closed the door then he turned off the light.
Turned off the lights then pulled me over to the bed where he laid me on my stomach and pulled my shorts down
Pulled my shorts down then my boxers and whispered in my ear "Real men would never tell"
and right as he ended his sentence i felt him crawl inside of me, ripping what innocence was left of my eight year old body.

Shoving my face into the pillow and pounding harder,
reaching in front of me,
grabbing my balls and moaning louder.

Growing inside of me like a fetus inside of a womb and right before he came, he turned me over, pulled the hair at the nape of my neck to make me yell and he shoved
his dick
down my throat
deep enough for me to feel the tip of his head on my vocal chords as i cried out for her, yelling inside of my head for someone who could not hear me, would not save me, didn't give a fuck about me and right as the tears began to fall....
so did he. in my mouth. with no where to go but down. i swallowed as we heard the car pull up.
He cleaned himself up and told me to shower then go to bed.
He then threatened me and told me if i told, she would die.
And I would watch.
And he kept his promise.
Walking in on us one afternoon that I thought he would be gone for a while, i told her.
Watched her.
As the pain and agony burned the sides of her face.
Before she could get any words out he grabbed her, shoved her head into the wall then pushed her down the steps making it seem as tho it was an accident.
Right in front of me.
As he promised.
I was then sent to live with my grandparents, holding in two of the most horrible secrets anyone could ever live with...
Allowing these secrets to grow inside of me, and manifest into who I am today.

I usually fucked them then left before they could witness who I am. I had done this about 11 or 12 times before I met Melissa. She was different. I wanted her, and not just to relieve temporary pain, but I wanted to know all of her. So I got her the only way I could.
I followed her. For days at a time. Learning her routine and slowly becoming consumed by her.

I finally introduced myself, "accidental" bumping into her at a local bar she frequented. She was so beautiful, her eyes, her lips, the scent of her... I had to taste her.After our third date, she invited me up for a sip of wine. As excited as I was I played it as cool as I could and politely accepted.
We finished a bottle of wine and before i knew it we we're in her bed. I slowly undressed her. Kissing every piece of bare skin as i revealed it to myself. I kissed her scars like they were never there, kissed the inside of her thighs as tho they were her lips and I slowly placed my tongue inside of her. Slowly devouring all of her as I wished. I could feel her second heart beat thumping across my tongue as i sucked harder. Feeling her juices slide so smoothly down my throat as she begged for me to climb inside of her, and I did as she wished.
Pulling her on top of me, I held on to her hips as she stood on the bed and slide down on my shaft.
Squeezing my stomach as she inhaled my with her lower mouth, tears falling as she pulled me closer to hold on to my shoulders
pulling herself down harder on me
biting my ear
scratching my neck
and right before she let out her orgasm
right as I began to feel our worlds become combined
the door was kicked down
flash lights and guns were pointed in our faces
and all i could do was hold her and apologize before they took me down.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

no one could have him but me.


He touched me, in places I did not even know existed making me feel things I had no clue were even able to be felt. In ways i did not even know were acceptable. All I could do was lay there and allow it to happen. It took about four or five times before I started to like the feeling he was giving me and by this then I had gotten so use to what was going on that I anticipated it happening.

Every night when my mother went to work I would lay in my bed excited and already wet because I knew he was coming into my room.
She worked as the night manager at one of the popular hotels in our area, so she never really had time to live, much less pay attention to what was going on with me, or around me for that matter. All she knew was "she was doing the best she could to support our family" blah blah blah. I was being fucked by both of them but in two entirely different ways.
She kissed my forehead bye and told me she would see me in the morning, she walked out of my room, out of the front door, and drove off with out a care in her head.

I waited, silently as I watched each light in the hallway magically shut off.

No foot steps,
no breathing,
no wooden creaks,
just disappearing lights.
And this...

This is how i knew he was close.

The room was so dark that I couldn't see my hands out in front of me, he felt his way up my calf, kissing on my thighs and sliding his fingers between my legs.
With one hand under my back to show me how he wanted me arched, he spread my lips apart and wrapped his warm moist tongue around my pearl as he slide a finger inside of me, pulling the hand that i rested on from behind me to cover my mouth with his other hand to keep me from making any noises. The more he sucked, the more my body trembled as if I was going into convulsions and right before I was ready to cum he lifted me up and slid his dick inside of me. Hands on my waist he plunged harder and deeper letting all of his pent up frustrations out on me. All i remember is pain for this was the first time we had ever went so far. But eventually the pain turned into pleasure and i could feel him growing harder inside of me. I began to moan louder asking him to stop but apparently those were not the words he wanted to hear cause he put the pillow over my face and began to stroke harder. I turned my head to the side to get what air I could but he began to get violently rough, he whispered in my ear for me to shut up as he turned me over on all fours. He put his hand on the back of my neck, my face in the pillow and then held my arms behind my back as he fucked me viciously, holding his head back and releasing all of his evil spirit into me. I was 16. And this was where my infatuation started.

All I could think about was sex and it got to the point where i did not want to know his name, or anything about him I just wanted to know if he would fuck me, fuck me, make me feel good and go on about his life. No attachments, no memories, just a good time.

Until I met Andrew.

There was something different about the way he handled me when we had sex. It was like I could feel that he gave a damn. He took his time with me showing me what it meant to have love made to you and not just fucked.

The way he made me feel started my obsession for him. And no one could have him but me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soak and Swallow

For a minute
I thought that i was dreaming
I could feel
A breeze slowly going up my leg
starting at my calf and
working its way to the back of my knee
from the back of my knee
to the crease of my thigh
Slowly lust filled lips began to
wrap themselves around my pearl
I began to wind my hips in cyclone like patterns
Except with more passion
and with the need to explode

I held on like i was
holding on
for life
as i felt a
its way
my space
at this moment nothing else felt better

i opened my eyes and
looked to the heavens as she
baptized her face
deeper into my pool of water

holding back hymnal like moans i
began to run from her
but her grip was so tight that
the only thing i could do was
to her and
definitely for her

my body began to feel like it was
evoked with the holy ghost
i was about to deliver but
right when i felt the spirit
she pulled her tongue out
and began to kiss me more
tasting my navel like it was a jello shot
she inched her way up to my nipples.
spiraling around each one as if it
was a new toy to play with
She kissed me,
allowing me to taste the sweetness of
my river water as she
slide her fingers inside of me,
motioning me to come to her she added another
I turned her over on her back and
allowed her to attempt to add one more
Three has always been my favorite number

I rode her

Swerving like a wreckless driver and while on top

I turned with my back towards her so that i could taste her as she fucked me deeply

She moaned softly, so i sucked her pearl harder

She trembled as she pounded faster,

I could feel her starting to melt in my mouth and
right as i got ready to release
she pulled me down onto her face and
made me the queen of her throne

The only thing i could do was

lay my head on her stomach

as she devoured my body

I couldn't hold it anymore
I begged her to let me come
and with a mouth full of me all she could do was nod

Nod and Suck

Suck and Soak

Soak and Swallow

Swallow and Enjoy

Enjoy and be Quenched

Her thirst that is.

This was the beginning of something new

My trust was in her hands

©Iba Oshun

Sunday, January 17, 2010

just had to take it.


She blind folded me
then she led me upstairs
said she had a surprise for me
I had never been a fan of surprises but i trusted her

she held on to me slowly as we went up the stairs

then we


then she

undressed me


The room was warm
there was a sweet scent in the air
but there was complete silence
all i could hear was my breath and my heart beat
she guided me to what felt like a chair
a rather high chair
and she
instructed me to sit
she tied my hands together
pulled them above my head and i was latched to some sort of device
if i were to come off of the chair
i would probably be hanging in mid air
she asked me did i trust her
and i nodded slowly cause i trusted her
she walked away and i began to hear water running
i could feel her come back near me and suddenly felt water
running down my back
down my chest
and even between the lips of my pussy
very warm water
it felt so good but i was so tense
i just wanted to know what was going on
after she poured the water down me she began to slowly suck it off
started at the crease of my neck
relishing every drop that she could suck from my pours
next i felt her tongue in the middle of my chest and then
then sucking my nipples

she pulled me to the edge of the chair and began tasting me
she twirled her tongue around my pearl so slowly that i felt like i was
going into convulsions and it was killing me that
i couldn't touch
i couldn't grab
i couldn't push away
i just had to

i just had to

mmm take it

i laid my head back and started serving her
using the bars of the bottom of the chair to balance myself as i threw my pussy at her

but thats not what she wanted

she grabbed one foot and placed it in a holster

grabbed the other foot and placed it in a holster as well

and before i knew it

i was spread eagle

totally helpless

i couldn't touch

i couldn't

i couldn't push away

i just had to take it.

after she made sure i was secure she walked away

as she approached me i could hear a buzzing noise

i was nervous until she put it on my clit and i felt the vibration of it

it was definitely not a tongue.

i felt like i was drowning in ecstasy

i panic from the fear of not being able to witness what was next
i struggled to get away but the restraints would not budge
i held my breath to maintain my composure and never knew the affect of
lack of oxygen rushing to my brain during an orgasm but it was beyond words
and right before the irregularity of my heart beat i felt

i felt a force i had never felt before
felt as if my pussy was were being ripped apart
this was no longer her
i didnt know who this was
who HE was all i know is
he was in me
deep in me
so deep i felt like i was choking on dick
that deep
and the more i fought to get away
the more the pain became unbearable.
the more i cried and begged and pleaded for him to stop
the more he pounded and moans and grunted like it was the best he ever had
i could feel her behind me
IF that was her
watching, not even making an attempt to help and then i heard her whisper
"This is a lesson about trust"
and she giggled
giggled at me like i was a silly, foolish little broad
and all i could do was lay my head back and cry as i was being fucked lifeless

i couldn't touch

i couldn't

i couldn't push away

i just had to

take it

©Iba Oshun

Thursday, December 17, 2009

He Gives Me More


Since i dropped out of my freshman year in college because he wanted his wife at home, i did everything for this man
I cooked, i cleaned, i took care of home
I was secure with us, with him, with me
I expressed my feelings to him and allowed him to express his to me
I didn't expect the moon from him, i kept in mind that neither one of us were perfect
And all i ever wanted was to be loved by him

I picked my battles wisely,

I fucked him

i sexed him

I made love to him

I accepted him flaws and all because God put him in my life

offered him his space when he needed it

I allowed him to grow, within his self and with in us





And what the fuck did he do?
He left me
And at first i was upset with God
But i couldn't be
I prayed for him
Apparently not correctly
Because i got what i asked for

"A man"

Child please if i could take it back i wouldn't have prayed for a damn thing

Especially if i would have known i would be hurt behind him.

They say you're suppose to be supportive, encouraging, and compliment him as much as you can.

I complimented him so much i turned into his fucking trophy..
His fucking baby doll
what Chrisette say... "porcelain doll"

Yeah i was all that.

Because i refuse to be miserable like my mother was.
Poor woman died of a broken heart.
And trying to avoid it, i fell right into

He didn't even give me a reason, just said "i can't do this anymore" and walked the fuck out

Eight years of my life and you walk away without a reason?
Right out of highschool is when we married,
he busted my cherry, hell, he was my FIRST

He didn't start changing until his business got big. He started making a little change, hanging with the "boys" later, staying after work.

I was so distraught by this

I mean

I was tore up
I just wanted to die
end it all i mean what else did i have? But pain. I had nothing.

It was raining
I lit candles
I went to my closet
I reached for my black box
I pulled out my gun
and i put it in my mouth

I wanted this to be over. Immediately.

But right before i decided to pull the trigger i saw my best friends face

Her smile

She was always my hero, anytime i needed anything she came running

Poor child would stop the world from moving if i told her i was getting dizzy
We were just that close

I couldn't figure out what was taking her so damn long to answer
I can hear her breathing
And before she even said hello, i said
"He left me" i became hysterical.
"Told me he never knew what he saw in me and he left me" i could feel the pain rush over me all over again. I felt like i had just been hit with a baseball bat in the chest

And all she had to say was

"I'm on my way."

I put the gun back in the box and
the box back in the closet and
I sat
In the corner
waiting for her to come to me
I never needed her so bad

"Honey? Honey where are you?"
I was too weak to even answer
I could hear her running up the steps tho

She set behind me
and literally
immersed me in her love
i cried even harder but the steady beat of her heart calmed me eventually,

She began to talk about God knows what, i saw her lips moving and i heard her but i wasn't listening, i was so gone i can not even remember what i said.

I do however remember one part of the convo

"If we would have just started dating like everyone said we were in high school you would not have this problem."

People thought we were together for years, even after i was married

And i loved her, and she me, i just didn't grow up to love a woman in that manner.

My christian household judged everything so damn harshly

When she said it, i giggled
I found it cute and in the back of my head i was like
is this muthafucka hittin on me

If she was or if she wasn't

I liked it

And at this point i was willing to do anything to feel better, even if it was just for a minute

I kissed her
i kissed her and every feeling i had before she showed up dis-ap-fucking-peared
i kissed a girl
and i liked it
i kissed her
and i loved it

Nothing could stop this

I wanted her so bad, she held me closer and kissed me with the same love i had for her, i felt like, we finally became one or some shit

She suddenly stopped
Asking me if this is what i really wanted
I didn't answer
I grabbed her hand
led her to the bed
sat on top of her and got naked

That should be an answer

I kissed her

the mood was already set
i mean
the rain
the candle
its like
this was the perfect timing

I could tell she was nervous
it was in the way she moved

I just wanted her to make me smile again
make me happy
please me
take care of me
and let me know everything is
and will be

I was willing to do all the work but she began to take over

like she read my mind

She kissed my neck and i became wetter

I could feel her tongue licking the salt off of my skin and it drove me



She continued to tease my body as she turned me over on my back asking me can she make me smile

I inhaled

I nodded

I exhaled

I fought

I lost

I submitted

She opened me

She kissed me

She licked me


i had never felt this
he never even made me feel this way

i felt like a piece of fruit

She carved me, in a very tame way

sending her tongue on a trip where no one has ever been

indulging in my juices and swallowing me to quench her thirst

i moaned

her name

gods name

i yelled out for the father
the spirit
and the holy ghost cause lords knows thats what i felt
all three of them at once taking over me

i started yelling her named in the tones of old one hundreds

and the more i moaned and screamed the more she sucked

i rolled
i gyrated
i twirled

i reached
i grabbed


i came

i trembled
my legs wouldn't stop shaking
and i think i caught a cramp in my damn toes
it was just that good

We laid there until she dozed off but at this point my mind was still racing


why did he have to leave

i slipped out of bed

i went down stairs

i called him
begged him not to hang up

i just had one question

i asked him

he said

"He gives me more"and hung up

©Iba Oshun

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Covered in Honey

My mom always tried to figure out why Andrea liked women.
Every since we were younger, she would discuss what women she was going to marry, the tux she was going to wear, and who would be her "best man".

Mom thought it was just a phase she was going thru.

Andrea now goes by Dre

Her wedding to Christie is in a few weeks

And her "best man's" name is Leigh.

Funny how all of her childhood dreams became reality yet i am still trying to figure out if i want to quit college or not. Nothing like having an older sister to push me. I couldn't ask for anything else.

She always came and talked to me about who she was dating, the issues they had, wanted to know how things felt from a feminine woman's point of view and all i could do was pour my heart out and show her every emotion that that particular female would have.

I was always right.

I never questioned nor made fun of her choices. Would beat anyone who teased her, and i vowed to stay by her side no matter what.

There was always a question in the back of my head
that i yearned to have answered
that my sister could not answer
that i had answered one unexpected night.

She had been my best friend since elementary.
We shared almost ever thing with each other. Literally, every thing but men.
She got married right when we were out of high school. Her husband was an okay man on the outside looking in but it was apparent that they had out grown each other.

I was laying in bed finishing a paper, listening to the rain fall.
Every time i heard a drop hit the ground, i felt like it was hitting by body as well, sending the same vibrations thru me. I finally knew what mother earth felt like having love made to her.

As soon as i closed my eyes and became distracted with my body,
the phone rang,
it was her
my best friend
i had never heard in so much pain
what i was feeling was immediately erased and i became concerned with making her feel better.

"He left me" she cried into the phone.
"Told me he never knew what he saw in me and he left me"
The only thing i could fix my lips to say was
"I'm on my way."
I kept her on the phone with me and allowed her to poor her heart out to me.
Really monitoring her to make sure she didnt try anything crazy, but also trying to be a friend.

When i pulled up, the house was pitch dark...
no porch light, no lights on in the house, not even the light of the t.v.
I rushed to the door only to find it wide open with water all over the foyer
I dropped my bag and begin to search for her

"Honey? Honey where are you?"
I checked all of down stairs then i could hear her sobbing and calling me, i had never heard her call my name like that before. It definitely made me feel some kind of way.

When i got to her bedroom, i found her sitting in a corner in her robe, with a single candle lit. Crying as tho she had lost.... well... her best friend.
I set on the floor with her and pulled her between my legs.
I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her as she cried more.

I pulled her hair back out of her face and kissed her tears

"Honey, you have to stay strong. I know this is hard but maybe you guys just needed a break."
I tried to explain to her so that she would not feel AS bad as she was feeling.

"A break K'Sea? But i do everything right, i cook, i clean, i take care of him i am GOOD to him" she yelled.
And all i could do was hold her tighter and say
"I know Nene i know"
and then i joked
"If we would have just started dating like everyone said we were in high school you would not have this problem."
I laughed
She giggled
Told me it was time to be serious and i began to explain how serious i was.
"Who said i wasn't being serious?" I had no idea where all of this was coming from, but it felt so right. She looked me in my eyes as i expressed how beautiful she was.

Before i knew it i blinked and her lips were on mine, kissing me slowly with enough passion to make me forget that her husband had just left her.

Enough power to make me forget i left my boyfriend at home in front of the game.


All of this was gone.

I placed my head on the back of her neck to support our lust filled kisses and as i did that i could feel her hands going up my back and unhooking my bra.

Had to pause her
"Wait Honey. Are you sure this is what you want?"
She answered by pulling me off the floor and to her bed.
She sat me down and lifted my shirt above my head,
dropped her robe to the floor
sat in my lap
placed my hands on her breast
and slowly kissed

i admit
i was a bit nervous and confused
she was doing the like she had done it before

i kept thinking
"i wanted to know what this was all about
and this might be my first and last chance"

i kissed her on her neck
trailed my tongue down her shoulder blade
and made my way to her nipples
i slowly traced my tongue around her perkiness
as i listened to her breathing become more shallow.

i nibbled
i sucked
and i kissed each nipple
attempting to take my time with her body because
i just want her

to feel better that is

i turned her over on her back and whispered
"Let K'Sea make Honey smile"
She inhaled deeply
then nodded slowly to my suggestion

I would when she submits

i rubbed her side and stomach lightly
pretended like my fingers were feathers
she slightly arched her back with allowed me
to realize she was loving every minute of this

i kissed her stomach and made my way down to her legs
i imagined what i would want done
and i did it to her
kissing her inner thigh
making my way behind the knee
down to each ankle and back up again
i felt like i was on a treasure hunt
and i was about to hit gold

i could smell her warmth before i even opened her up
she had to have one of the sweetest smells
i have only smelled myself and assumed we all smelled
alike but hers
hers was different
made my mouth water
and me more anxious to taste

i held her legs open like she was a piece of
seed less

i closed my eyes and i begin to lick
slowly twirling my tongue like she was my ice cream cone
and i was nervous until i heard her


my name

i just kept thinking
"this is what it feels like?"

i began to indulge more
sucking on her pearl and fingering the inside of her
so that i could experience more of the wetness
with each suck she
rolled her hips guiding me in the direction she wanted to be in
and when she wanted me to stay she held on to the back of my head
pulling my face deeper in her
and before i knew it
her trembles were like a domino affect
starting at the top of her body and coming down to where i was

she laid there

legs vibrating

pulled me up to her

laid on my chest and said
"Know you're covered in Honey"
and i was.
I could smell her on my tongue when i licked my lips
I never want this smell to leave.
And know i see why.
I answered my own question.
And i only had to be covered in Honey for it to happen.

©Iba Oshun

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The longer i laid there
the wetter i got
and i could have called Sam over but
it was clear i had an itch she couldn't
scratch if i gave her the tools to do so
"what up doe?"
"i need you..please"
i could feel her response,
i get the same one every time
"you always need me ma,
what is yo nigga doin fo you tho?"
same question
same answer
"she does what she needs to,
but its not the way you do it"
which was not a lie.
When Dre fucked me,
she did just that.
Sam took her time,
when foreplay was done
i would be tired as hell
but not Dre
she knew how to get me just right.
And its true,
i used her for sex,
that's all she was good for.
So i took what i could get.
"I'm wet Dre, all you have to do is climb in it"
I could hear her heart beat speed up.
"I'll talk to you on your way over,
please, just...come over"
She sighed
Moved around a bit
and i...
I heard keys moving.
"How wet is it ma?"
Shit even wetter now that
i knew she was coming
"I can feel it,
running down my pearl,
are you gonna help me?"
Like i didn't know she was on her way.
"I'll come over if you let me hear
how wet your pussy is"
She didn't have to ask twice
i put the receiver between my legs
stuck two fingers inside of me
and it was on, took a lot out of me to even stop.
And i could hear her moaning
biting her bottom lip,
i was about to get fucked down
and i couldn't be more excited.
"You betta cum for me when i get there,
real shit"
"Anything for you Dre,
you know it."

I saw lights
i heard a car
i went to the door
and there she was
she kissed me as i undressed her
she was already strapped up
she laid me on the dining room table
pulled up a chair
and began
like the was the last supper
she held my wrist to keep me from
touching her
she tongued my clit
and all i could do was
beg her to keep going
the more i begged
the more she teased
then she stopped
"Unzip my pants"
With no hesitations i did as she asked
which lead to her grabbing my neck
and ramming her dick in me
"Is this what you wanted?
To be fucked?"
It hurt so good all i could do was nod
"I said"
She went deeper
"Is this"
She pounded harder
"What the fuck"
She knocked the bottom of my pussy out
"You wanted"
Tears rolling down my face i moaned
"Yes what"
"Yes Dre"
"Yes Dre What"
"Yes Dre this is how i wanted to be fucked"
I'm not scared of her.
maybe a little but i ain't no punk bitch.
So i started throwing my pussy harder.
So hard in fact, i had to find a way to get my black ass
OFF my dining room table
"From the back...fuck me from the back"
And why did i say that?
My hair
was wrapped around her fist
my hands
on the back of the chair
my legs

and i could...

hear a noise...

I thought i was tripping until...

the door knob turned...

she walked in..

My life flashed before my eyes

The bags fell from Sams hands

Tears of Joy turned into
tears of pain

And Dre
Dre kept fucking..
kept fucking me till i pushed off
and with a slight smirk on her face she said
"But you wanted me to fuck you"

I fell to the floor
Sam walked closer to us
Dre pulled her clothes up
Sam grabbed the chair
Dre reached for my hand
Sam hit Dre
Dre fell
eyes open
mouth open
body lifeless

Sam left

©Iba Oshun

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

her little secret

She showed up in all black
Trench coat
And nothing else
i wasn't surprised, well, that she was coming over but i was surprised that she came bare
We had been knowing each other since childhood.
She was the only person i could trust
and the only woman who made me feel good about who i was
who i
she was the only person who knew i was born female
besides my parents of course
and since they were not around anymore
it was between me her and God
"i promise to always take care of you" she whispered in my ear as her coat hit the floor
body of a goddess soul of an angel and although i was with Pat. She still could have me when she wanted.
She led me to the couch
made sure i was comfortable
and then she sat in my lap
with her legs wrapped around me she kissed me
my lips
my neck
my chest then back to my lips
i could feel her getting wet
and it turned me on even more
she took things slow with me
even in the beginning of our friendship.

our bond was indescribable
"tell me what you want" she whispered as she slid my fingers inside of her, my mind was so gone she had to ask me again.
so she grabbed my other hand and wrapped it around her waist as she moaned
"Mikey, tell me
you want"
I loved it when she called me Mikey.
I loved her
and i wanted her to make love to me. and show me how muh she love me.
and she did just that
i picked her up and took her to the bedroom, laid her on her back and got undressed.
and she laid there, watching, waiting, wanting
i laid on top of her and kissed her neck
i nibbled a bit and slid down to her breast
with one nipple in my mouth and the other in my hand i went down further
she let out light moans as my tongue played wrestling with her pearl tongue
she grabbed my head and pushed me further in and i took it
all of it
and knowing that she was ready to cum
i stopped mid moan and got back on top of her
stroking slow enough to feel like we were one
she called out my name
and each time i heard her it made me want to go deeper
i wanted to rip out my soul and give it to her she felt so good, and she didn't have to warn me that she was about to cum
i could feel her muscles tightening
body shaking
legs getting weak

we came together
in unison
we were meant to be together
but i couldn't just up and leave Pat

she was perfect
never asked for anything
which made me want to give her everything
she never knew who i was really was because i didn't feel the need to tell her

due to a childhood injury she couldn't have kids so we adopted our son

why mess up a perfect life?

i couldn't
i wouldn't

but i did
i wanted her to experience the love i had for Pat
it would be so simple, i could love them both and not hide it right?

"I need a favor" i asked her, she did anything i asked of her why would this time be different
"Anything babe, what ever you need" she was so understanding

so i told her i wanted her to meet up with us at this club, kind of low-keyish and we can act as tho we never met.
and she was down.
ended up coming back to our place for drinks
one thing led to another and before i knew it, they were making love to each other
and if i could go back and change it, i would
cause now i have neither one

©Iba Oshun

Friday, April 24, 2009

bitches love me

A few years ago i was nothing like who i am now. I was married to the guy i thought was perfect.
We had a son, a beautiful house, everything a straight woman could want
until that night
damn what a night it was

We met her at
Sans Souci, a swingers bar in Dallas
i was already a bit nervous being there, watching people fuck like they had the slightest clue that they were being watched.
I dont even think they cared.

It was my first time there and while i was uncomfortable i was turned on at the same time,
i felt my nipples harden panties moist and i was only sitting at the bar. Watching

He told me he had to use the rest room and i begged him not to leave me but he said he would be back

so i waited
and i waited
and as i was waiting she walked over

and it was like i only saw her.
but i acted as tho i didn't.

"anyone sitting here?"
i couldn't turn her down,
she had the smoothest brown skin, nice full lips, long jet black hair, she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine

"no, go ahead"
she walked around, slightly touched my back and sat down
i felt my panties get drenched.
all i could think was oh my god, am i gay?
i wasn't.
i was happily married with kids and blah blah blah
i know what your thinking
bitch you gay
its ok, now.
we started this conversation and i got so wrapped up i forgot i was there with my husband
till he walked up
and for some reason i dropped my head like goooooooooot damn
but he didn't interrupt
he let us continue

but i didn't want to be rude, so i paused, introduced, and kept it moving
around one thirty out conversation had gotten so good i couldn't dare leave with out knowing if i would see her again
"can we invite her over?" i asked my husband, he had never told me no before so why start now
"sure baby i don't see why not"
and i did just that
i asked her if she would come to our house and have a few glasses of wine as we finish our conversation
and not that i was surprised
but she said yes
so we exchanged numbers, in case she got lost, left the club and headed to the house.

my son was still at my moms house so we had the whole night to ourselves, me, her, and my husband
we went thru three bottle of wine and were feeling really good.
my husband left to jump in the shower, and while he was away she came closer to me.
rubbing her hands thru my hair and across my face
telling me how beautiful i was
how sweet she bet i tasted
and all i could do was sit there

it had been such a long time since i had been turned on the way she turned me on
and boy did she turn me on

she came loser to me
close enough to smell the stale perfume on my neck
i could feel her inhale and exhale like i was a freshly picked bouquet
then she kissed me
slowly and very passionately
in the back of my mind i was thinking damn where is my husband
but my clit was thinking when do i get kissed

i had never been that wet
thats something else i kept thinking
five years of marriage and it takes a woman to make me feel this way?
before i knew it out of no where came this force of strength
i picked her up and wrapped her legs around carried her to the bedroom
i laid her on the bed and continued to kiss her
then i could feel his presence in the room
again he didn't stop us
he just watched

she slid her panties down her legs, i pulled her dress over her head
she pulled my panties off with her mouth, i held her hair to keep it out of the way
and before she could have my panties off good enough she slide her finger inside of me
while i enjoyed the sensation i did not enjoy the fat that my husband was left out
so i motioned him to me
dick hard as a rock i massaged it a bit
and i she slid in me i slid his man hood into my mouth
deep enough for him to feel the vibration of my moan from her finger fucking me
she went faster
so i sucked harder
apparently i sucked the best i ever have that night because he asked me to slow down,
he didn't want to cum that fast
so i did as he wished but before i knew it he was no where in the picture
some kind of way it ended up just me and her
she fucked my brains out that night
and i loved it

and that one night turned into a few nights a week
a few nights a week turned into weeks at a time
and before i new it we were together

by the time i met Whitney
i had transitioned
from soft ass woman
to hard core stud
and the bitches loved me

©Iba Oshun

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the better fuck

"want me to fuck you harder baby?"
"yes pat, fuck me harder baby. i can take it"
and she did just that. fucked me hard enough to make me loose my balance and fall to the floor
i always thought she was a better fuck than Sam. Sam always wanted me to please her.
Sad thing about that is she is a bit harder than me. So i never understood why i was fucking her instead of the other way around.
"arch ya back baby"
she was gentle when she touched me but when she went inside of me she dug deep enough for me to feel it in my chest
I had my ass in the air and she had her middle finger on my clit and the harder she pounded the faster she rubbed, confusing my body as to which way was going to make me cum.
But it felt so good and right before i got ready to allow my juices to flow, she pulled my hair and said
"you better not nut yet, hold that shit in"
I had never been handled like that before and i think....
i think i liked it. It gave me such a rush so i begin to beg her
"Please Pat, let me cum baby i can feel it"
she began to moan louder telling me to beg some more, so i did just that
"You like to fuck me like this daddy? Make me feel you. Go deeper daddy. I can take it baby fuck me harder"
and i'll be damn if she didn't do just that
She angled her body in a way that made her strap hit my walls
and each time she went deeper curving her waist and pulling out far enough for only the head to be in and then she plowed right back into my garden and i just KNEW if she was a man i was getting pregnant tonight
Thank God She's a she
She held my hands allowing herself to go deep enough for me to cry
it hurt so good i had never been fucked like that and something was telling me this won't be the last time
and then she asked me was i ready to cum
and of course i replied yes
and she laid down on her back
pulled me on top of her face
and said "cum in my mouth baby. let daddy swallow you"
and once on top
i can't even explain the ride i took
i held on to the headboard
made made my hips slow whined
held my head back
before i knew it her thumb was on my pearl
tongue went deeper


i don't remember what happened after that
all i remember is getting home and hearing the shower water running
it was Sam
her ass hadn't been home all day
i could really care less that she was there at that moment
but as usual i acted like "sweet little Whitney"
"baby where are you?"
as if i didn't know she was having another one of her masturbation parties
"im in the shower bay"
and just like i said
her silly ass was sitting on the floor of the tub
playing with her pussy
"Sam you ok?"
"yeah momma, im good, just trying to let some steam out"
you would think if she was going to fuck around she would atleast get her nut
she so damn stupid.
so i asked
"you have a stressful day baby?"
"oh its been a wild day bae, now, i just wanna bust this nut"
"let momma help you with that"
and all i was thinking is
lemme help you now
so you won't wake me up out my damn sleep
i undressed and grabbed the shower head out of her hand.
i placed it back on the wall and before she knew it i was on the floor of the tub with her, ass in the air and head between her legs.
she laid her head back and grabbed my hair, and it just wasn't working for me like when Pat did it but she directing me to the spot that needed to be stroked. and i couldn't wait for it to be over
i'm so bored with her,
but as i predicted, it didn't take long for her to cum
after she cam i washed her back and asked
"so where you been all day?"
she replied
"i was with my dudes"

with her dudes?
it don't matter
she can lie
cause Pat is the better fuck

©Iba Oshun

Monday, April 13, 2009

with my dudes


And it's not cheating cause we aren't together
and i wish her ass would realize that

now she's going to bug the shit out of me
i could already feel it
i was so glad to be home egh
i kept thinking about the first time i got her wet
and damn did she get wet
it was so wet it soaked thru her panties
its like she melted in my hands and i could still smell her; fucking
gets me every time
so i took my clothes off and got ready for a shower, i needed it bad, i was still horny
i just don't know which part turned me on the most
the fact that she came to the door in just a baby t
or the fact that she was pleasing herself
maybe a little bit of both
mmmm and when i heard ol girl moan damn i knew what time it was
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
imma say right
i don't know who she was on the phone with but they were having a hell of a conversation and as soon as i laid her down and made my way between her legs, stuck my tongue in didn't matter who she was on the phone with, i was gonna make her cum
and i did
body trembled, voice shook, toes curled, but i didn't fucking cum. she did
so while i was in the shower i decided to fix it
i needed to get mine too
i propped my leg up on the side of the bath tub
and let the water run down my chest to my stomach
from my stomach to my clit
and it felt so good to me i took the shower head off and set in the tub with my legs spread
and i place the splashing water between my legs and as soon as i felt my nut
i heard my girl in the other room
"baby where are you?"
i was so fucking hot when she said that.
all i wanted to do was cum
thats all asked for
was a nut

"im in the shower bay"
my knees were to weak to move so when she came in, i just set there

"Sam you ok?"
"yeah momma, im good, just trying to let some steam out" i told her and meant every word
"you have a stressful day baby?"
"oh its been a wild day bae, now, i just wanna bust this nut"
"let momma help you with that" she said as she undressed and grabbed the shower head out of my hand.
she placed it back on the wall and before i knew it she was on the floor of the tub with me, ass in the air and head between my legs.
i laid my head back and grabbed her hair, directing her to the spot that needed to be stroked. and she knew just what to do, momma knew how to take care of me, and the more her tongue thumped my pearl, the more i moaned and released tension that had been held in all damn day.

and then i came
like it was the first time i ever had an orgasm
her head was off the fucking chain
and as she was was washing my back she asked
"so where you been all day?"
i replied
"i was with my dudes"
and we left it at that
i was with my dudes

©Iba Oshun

Its not cheating

I hate when she just ups and leaves
especially when she gets my river flowing
Sad thing is this isn't the first time its happened.

The very first time
she came over for dinner, i cooked just enough for the two of us
And let her tell it she loved it
we moved from the dinner table to the couch
had a few sips of
and before i knew it, my shirt was off.
she kissed my neck so softly
felt like i was being kissed by a cloud
she took the tip of her tongue and ran it across my nipples
if you ask me she had a feather in her mouth
but it wasn't

it was only my imagination
the more she licked
the harder the pulse in my second heart beat

i wanted her
and she could tell
and after she massaged my thigh with tongue
she said "I'm not ready yet"
i felt my heart sink
"your not ready? you have my panties drenched and your not ready?"
yes i was upset. three months and the bitch still won't fuck me. she just plays with my mind

"I'm sorry ma" she replied as she got her things and left. that was two weeks ago.

We've had casual conversations since then, but neither one of us brought up that moment
Until three days ago
when she wanted to go to dinner. and it surprised me because it was out of no where.
But of course i said yes
i would be a fool not to. She picked me up around ten thirty
we went to Brooklyn's. This nice little jazz spot downtown. Very cozy, great food and an awesome live band. The music was bumping hard and the food had already settled so by this time i was ready to dance. Which was great timing cause so was she
She grabbed my waist and pulled me lose and we grinned so hard i could feel her on my clit. Jirattin like she had a dick down there.
And it felt so damn good.
The dancing led to us kissing like we were the only ones in there.
I didn't wanna make a scene so i asked her could we leave.
She paid the tab and held on to me as we went towards the car

The car scene was more intense than the club scene
as she leaned to open my door she kissed my neck from behind
I grabbed the back of her head and she sucked harder, the harder she sucked the further her hand went up my skirt. And before i knew it my panties were pulled to the side and my leg was in the passenger seat of the car.
At just the right height for her to play with my magic button
I'm so glad i shaved
She bent me over and stuck her fingers in me from the back, and for a split second i forgot our black asses were outside, i let out a moan that would have made anyone standing out there stop and stare.
So i stopped her, as much as i didn't want to
i did, asked her to go back to my place with me
and she did
i prayed all the way there "God please don't let her change her mind when we get here"
All that praying and it got me no where.
She got out of her car and walked me to the door, kissed me on my cheek and thanked me for another night.
All i could think is, "imma dump this bitch". I'm just saying. I got needs. And she ain't fulfilling them.
It was two in the morning, i was horny as hell and i could only think of one person to all


She's always there when i need her
so i called her
and before she could even get here words out, i said
"Leigh, i need you"
and she replied
"tell me what you need, and you can have it"

I laid back in my bed, pulled my b.o.g. out of the drawer
[my battery operated girlfriend]
and i spread my lips
allowing the wind to make that gentle breeze against my wet pussy
and i told her
"i need you to moan for me, help me cum".
As soon as i let those words come of the tip of my tongue, i heard a soft tapping at the front door.
I didn't feel right putting Leigh on hold, so i covered the mouth piece to the phone and hurried to the front door. And to my surprise, it was Toya. I know i had the dumbest look on my face.
And to make matters worst, Leigh was on the phone moaning. It was such a sweet sound, yet it was loud enough for Toya to here. She looked at me, grinned , then closed the door. She led me to the bedroom, softly laid me down on the bed and she whispered, "I'll be quiet".
I loved it. she kissed my neck, made a trail with her tongue to my stomach
and then Leigh asked
"are you wet?"
i couldn't lie if i wanted to. all i could do was say.
"yes, are you?"
and she told me
"yes, I'm wet, let me hear how wet it is"
I paused and looked up at Toya for the ok, and she nodded.
As i placed the phone between my legs, Toya kissed me. So seductively. Her tongue was so sweet, i almost forgot about the damn phone
I placed the phone back to my ear and Leigh was moaning harder, made me fuck myself faster.
Toya grabbed my hand and licked my fingers, then she went down below. Drinking my juice like she hadn't had a drink in months.
I moaned louder and although this was a very awkward moment, sex had never been so good until tonight
Toya tongued my pussy so deep i asked her if she felt it
But Leigh replied instead with this very arousing moan
and then she said
"you ready baby?"
I let out a moan of my own and said
"yes can i cum?"
And she must have been ready to cum with me cause all i heard her yell was yes
and we came at the same time.
I hung the phone up after that and pulled Toya up to where i was,
before i could gather my thoughts she said
"no. its not cheating"

©Iba Oshun

Late Night Thirst

She fucks me
but mentally
and i can honestly say that i have never been fucked so good.

The last time we talked was about three days ago
Two sixteen in the morning,
my phone rang
and although i was sleeping hard, i heard it
it was like
i felt her

"Leigh, i need you"
that shit touched me

"tell me what you need, and you can have it"

I knew she just wanted to use me.
but at this point
i didn't care

"i need you to moan for me, help me cum" she said

masturbation was never an option for me until i met her
the way she speaks to me
the softness of her voice
it all drives me wild
i gave it to her....
i gave her what she wanted

"are you wet?" i asked. something i already knew
"yes, are you?"
and although it was a lie, for now, i went with it
"yes, im wet." still trying to get there i then asked
"let me hear how wet it is"
and she put her shell to my ear and i heard the ocean.
that too made me feel some kind of way

i slowly rubbed my nipples
they were so erect i couldn't resist
had to let them know i felt the pain they were in
and i did
cause by this time my clit started throbbing, crying for some since of release
so i touched it
gently rubbed it and i heard her say
"can you feel it"
it felt so good, all i could do was moan
and she must have liked that cause she began to moan with me
the more she moaned
the wetter i got
the wetter i got
the faster i went
and before i knew it
it was getting closer
the phone fell away from my ear as i went faster
i placed two of my fingers inside of me and began to thump my g spot as i continued to massage my clit
slowly an orgasm approached
i asked her
"you ready baby?"
she let out a moan and said
"yes can i cum?"
and at this time the only thing that came out of my mouth was yes
i screamed as i released juice to fill her crave
her late night thirst

©Iba Oshun