Monday, April 13, 2009

with my dudes


And it's not cheating cause we aren't together
and i wish her ass would realize that

now she's going to bug the shit out of me
i could already feel it
i was so glad to be home egh
i kept thinking about the first time i got her wet
and damn did she get wet
it was so wet it soaked thru her panties
its like she melted in my hands and i could still smell her; fucking
gets me every time
so i took my clothes off and got ready for a shower, i needed it bad, i was still horny
i just don't know which part turned me on the most
the fact that she came to the door in just a baby t
or the fact that she was pleasing herself
maybe a little bit of both
mmmm and when i heard ol girl moan damn i knew what time it was
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
imma say right
i don't know who she was on the phone with but they were having a hell of a conversation and as soon as i laid her down and made my way between her legs, stuck my tongue in didn't matter who she was on the phone with, i was gonna make her cum
and i did
body trembled, voice shook, toes curled, but i didn't fucking cum. she did
so while i was in the shower i decided to fix it
i needed to get mine too
i propped my leg up on the side of the bath tub
and let the water run down my chest to my stomach
from my stomach to my clit
and it felt so good to me i took the shower head off and set in the tub with my legs spread
and i place the splashing water between my legs and as soon as i felt my nut
i heard my girl in the other room
"baby where are you?"
i was so fucking hot when she said that.
all i wanted to do was cum
thats all asked for
was a nut

"im in the shower bay"
my knees were to weak to move so when she came in, i just set there

"Sam you ok?"
"yeah momma, im good, just trying to let some steam out" i told her and meant every word
"you have a stressful day baby?"
"oh its been a wild day bae, now, i just wanna bust this nut"
"let momma help you with that" she said as she undressed and grabbed the shower head out of my hand.
she placed it back on the wall and before i knew it she was on the floor of the tub with me, ass in the air and head between my legs.
i laid my head back and grabbed her hair, directing her to the spot that needed to be stroked. and she knew just what to do, momma knew how to take care of me, and the more her tongue thumped my pearl, the more i moaned and released tension that had been held in all damn day.

and then i came
like it was the first time i ever had an orgasm
her head was off the fucking chain
and as she was was washing my back she asked
"so where you been all day?"
i replied
"i was with my dudes"
and we left it at that
i was with my dudes

©Iba Oshun


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