Sunday, November 29, 2009

Covered in Honey

My mom always tried to figure out why Andrea liked women.
Every since we were younger, she would discuss what women she was going to marry, the tux she was going to wear, and who would be her "best man".

Mom thought it was just a phase she was going thru.

Andrea now goes by Dre

Her wedding to Christie is in a few weeks

And her "best man's" name is Leigh.

Funny how all of her childhood dreams became reality yet i am still trying to figure out if i want to quit college or not. Nothing like having an older sister to push me. I couldn't ask for anything else.

She always came and talked to me about who she was dating, the issues they had, wanted to know how things felt from a feminine woman's point of view and all i could do was pour my heart out and show her every emotion that that particular female would have.

I was always right.

I never questioned nor made fun of her choices. Would beat anyone who teased her, and i vowed to stay by her side no matter what.

There was always a question in the back of my head
that i yearned to have answered
that my sister could not answer
that i had answered one unexpected night.

She had been my best friend since elementary.
We shared almost ever thing with each other. Literally, every thing but men.
She got married right when we were out of high school. Her husband was an okay man on the outside looking in but it was apparent that they had out grown each other.

I was laying in bed finishing a paper, listening to the rain fall.
Every time i heard a drop hit the ground, i felt like it was hitting by body as well, sending the same vibrations thru me. I finally knew what mother earth felt like having love made to her.

As soon as i closed my eyes and became distracted with my body,
the phone rang,
it was her
my best friend
i had never heard in so much pain
what i was feeling was immediately erased and i became concerned with making her feel better.

"He left me" she cried into the phone.
"Told me he never knew what he saw in me and he left me"
The only thing i could fix my lips to say was
"I'm on my way."
I kept her on the phone with me and allowed her to poor her heart out to me.
Really monitoring her to make sure she didnt try anything crazy, but also trying to be a friend.

When i pulled up, the house was pitch dark...
no porch light, no lights on in the house, not even the light of the t.v.
I rushed to the door only to find it wide open with water all over the foyer
I dropped my bag and begin to search for her

"Honey? Honey where are you?"
I checked all of down stairs then i could hear her sobbing and calling me, i had never heard her call my name like that before. It definitely made me feel some kind of way.

When i got to her bedroom, i found her sitting in a corner in her robe, with a single candle lit. Crying as tho she had lost.... well... her best friend.
I set on the floor with her and pulled her between my legs.
I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her as she cried more.

I pulled her hair back out of her face and kissed her tears

"Honey, you have to stay strong. I know this is hard but maybe you guys just needed a break."
I tried to explain to her so that she would not feel AS bad as she was feeling.

"A break K'Sea? But i do everything right, i cook, i clean, i take care of him i am GOOD to him" she yelled.
And all i could do was hold her tighter and say
"I know Nene i know"
and then i joked
"If we would have just started dating like everyone said we were in high school you would not have this problem."
I laughed
She giggled
Told me it was time to be serious and i began to explain how serious i was.
"Who said i wasn't being serious?" I had no idea where all of this was coming from, but it felt so right. She looked me in my eyes as i expressed how beautiful she was.

Before i knew it i blinked and her lips were on mine, kissing me slowly with enough passion to make me forget that her husband had just left her.

Enough power to make me forget i left my boyfriend at home in front of the game.


All of this was gone.

I placed my head on the back of her neck to support our lust filled kisses and as i did that i could feel her hands going up my back and unhooking my bra.

Had to pause her
"Wait Honey. Are you sure this is what you want?"
She answered by pulling me off the floor and to her bed.
She sat me down and lifted my shirt above my head,
dropped her robe to the floor
sat in my lap
placed my hands on her breast
and slowly kissed

i admit
i was a bit nervous and confused
she was doing the like she had done it before

i kept thinking
"i wanted to know what this was all about
and this might be my first and last chance"

i kissed her on her neck
trailed my tongue down her shoulder blade
and made my way to her nipples
i slowly traced my tongue around her perkiness
as i listened to her breathing become more shallow.

i nibbled
i sucked
and i kissed each nipple
attempting to take my time with her body because
i just want her

to feel better that is

i turned her over on her back and whispered
"Let K'Sea make Honey smile"
She inhaled deeply
then nodded slowly to my suggestion

I would when she submits

i rubbed her side and stomach lightly
pretended like my fingers were feathers
she slightly arched her back with allowed me
to realize she was loving every minute of this

i kissed her stomach and made my way down to her legs
i imagined what i would want done
and i did it to her
kissing her inner thigh
making my way behind the knee
down to each ankle and back up again
i felt like i was on a treasure hunt
and i was about to hit gold

i could smell her warmth before i even opened her up
she had to have one of the sweetest smells
i have only smelled myself and assumed we all smelled
alike but hers
hers was different
made my mouth water
and me more anxious to taste

i held her legs open like she was a piece of
seed less

i closed my eyes and i begin to lick
slowly twirling my tongue like she was my ice cream cone
and i was nervous until i heard her


my name

i just kept thinking
"this is what it feels like?"

i began to indulge more
sucking on her pearl and fingering the inside of her
so that i could experience more of the wetness
with each suck she
rolled her hips guiding me in the direction she wanted to be in
and when she wanted me to stay she held on to the back of my head
pulling my face deeper in her
and before i knew it
her trembles were like a domino affect
starting at the top of her body and coming down to where i was

she laid there

legs vibrating

pulled me up to her

laid on my chest and said
"Know you're covered in Honey"
and i was.
I could smell her on my tongue when i licked my lips
I never want this smell to leave.
And know i see why.
I answered my own question.
And i only had to be covered in Honey for it to happen.

©Iba Oshun


Blogger Green said...


November 30, 2009 at 4:44 PM  
Blogger 7 said...

All I can say is wow.

December 6, 2009 at 7:28 PM  
Blogger Soul Powers said...

That was amazing! It is wonderful to hear the detail that a woman experiences when she's with another woman. Not that I don't know the stuff you said; it just feels good to know that attention to the little things make a difference. Such a wonderful account! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Absolutely amazing!


December 12, 2009 at 10:59 AM  

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