Sunday, January 17, 2010

just had to take it.


She blind folded me
then she led me upstairs
said she had a surprise for me
I had never been a fan of surprises but i trusted her

she held on to me slowly as we went up the stairs

then we


then she

undressed me


The room was warm
there was a sweet scent in the air
but there was complete silence
all i could hear was my breath and my heart beat
she guided me to what felt like a chair
a rather high chair
and she
instructed me to sit
she tied my hands together
pulled them above my head and i was latched to some sort of device
if i were to come off of the chair
i would probably be hanging in mid air
she asked me did i trust her
and i nodded slowly cause i trusted her
she walked away and i began to hear water running
i could feel her come back near me and suddenly felt water
running down my back
down my chest
and even between the lips of my pussy
very warm water
it felt so good but i was so tense
i just wanted to know what was going on
after she poured the water down me she began to slowly suck it off
started at the crease of my neck
relishing every drop that she could suck from my pours
next i felt her tongue in the middle of my chest and then
then sucking my nipples

she pulled me to the edge of the chair and began tasting me
she twirled her tongue around my pearl so slowly that i felt like i was
going into convulsions and it was killing me that
i couldn't touch
i couldn't grab
i couldn't push away
i just had to

i just had to

mmm take it

i laid my head back and started serving her
using the bars of the bottom of the chair to balance myself as i threw my pussy at her

but thats not what she wanted

she grabbed one foot and placed it in a holster

grabbed the other foot and placed it in a holster as well

and before i knew it

i was spread eagle

totally helpless

i couldn't touch

i couldn't

i couldn't push away

i just had to take it.

after she made sure i was secure she walked away

as she approached me i could hear a buzzing noise

i was nervous until she put it on my clit and i felt the vibration of it

it was definitely not a tongue.

i felt like i was drowning in ecstasy

i panic from the fear of not being able to witness what was next
i struggled to get away but the restraints would not budge
i held my breath to maintain my composure and never knew the affect of
lack of oxygen rushing to my brain during an orgasm but it was beyond words
and right before the irregularity of my heart beat i felt

i felt a force i had never felt before
felt as if my pussy was were being ripped apart
this was no longer her
i didnt know who this was
who HE was all i know is
he was in me
deep in me
so deep i felt like i was choking on dick
that deep
and the more i fought to get away
the more the pain became unbearable.
the more i cried and begged and pleaded for him to stop
the more he pounded and moans and grunted like it was the best he ever had
i could feel her behind me
IF that was her
watching, not even making an attempt to help and then i heard her whisper
"This is a lesson about trust"
and she giggled
giggled at me like i was a silly, foolish little broad
and all i could do was lay my head back and cry as i was being fucked lifeless

i couldn't touch

i couldn't

i couldn't push away

i just had to

take it

©Iba Oshun


Anonymous Tikoshia said...

Wow...I was not expecting that ending!

January 17, 2010 at 8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow neither was I..scary.

September 18, 2010 at 2:57 PM  

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