Saturday, April 18, 2009

the better fuck

"want me to fuck you harder baby?"
"yes pat, fuck me harder baby. i can take it"
and she did just that. fucked me hard enough to make me loose my balance and fall to the floor
i always thought she was a better fuck than Sam. Sam always wanted me to please her.
Sad thing about that is she is a bit harder than me. So i never understood why i was fucking her instead of the other way around.
"arch ya back baby"
she was gentle when she touched me but when she went inside of me she dug deep enough for me to feel it in my chest
I had my ass in the air and she had her middle finger on my clit and the harder she pounded the faster she rubbed, confusing my body as to which way was going to make me cum.
But it felt so good and right before i got ready to allow my juices to flow, she pulled my hair and said
"you better not nut yet, hold that shit in"
I had never been handled like that before and i think....
i think i liked it. It gave me such a rush so i begin to beg her
"Please Pat, let me cum baby i can feel it"
she began to moan louder telling me to beg some more, so i did just that
"You like to fuck me like this daddy? Make me feel you. Go deeper daddy. I can take it baby fuck me harder"
and i'll be damn if she didn't do just that
She angled her body in a way that made her strap hit my walls
and each time she went deeper curving her waist and pulling out far enough for only the head to be in and then she plowed right back into my garden and i just KNEW if she was a man i was getting pregnant tonight
Thank God She's a she
She held my hands allowing herself to go deep enough for me to cry
it hurt so good i had never been fucked like that and something was telling me this won't be the last time
and then she asked me was i ready to cum
and of course i replied yes
and she laid down on her back
pulled me on top of her face
and said "cum in my mouth baby. let daddy swallow you"
and once on top
i can't even explain the ride i took
i held on to the headboard
made made my hips slow whined
held my head back
before i knew it her thumb was on my pearl
tongue went deeper


i don't remember what happened after that
all i remember is getting home and hearing the shower water running
it was Sam
her ass hadn't been home all day
i could really care less that she was there at that moment
but as usual i acted like "sweet little Whitney"
"baby where are you?"
as if i didn't know she was having another one of her masturbation parties
"im in the shower bay"
and just like i said
her silly ass was sitting on the floor of the tub
playing with her pussy
"Sam you ok?"
"yeah momma, im good, just trying to let some steam out"
you would think if she was going to fuck around she would atleast get her nut
she so damn stupid.
so i asked
"you have a stressful day baby?"
"oh its been a wild day bae, now, i just wanna bust this nut"
"let momma help you with that"
and all i was thinking is
lemme help you now
so you won't wake me up out my damn sleep
i undressed and grabbed the shower head out of her hand.
i placed it back on the wall and before she knew it i was on the floor of the tub with her, ass in the air and head between her legs.
she laid her head back and grabbed my hair, and it just wasn't working for me like when Pat did it but she directing me to the spot that needed to be stroked. and i couldn't wait for it to be over
i'm so bored with her,
but as i predicted, it didn't take long for her to cum
after she cam i washed her back and asked
"so where you been all day?"
she replied
"i was with my dudes"

with her dudes?
it don't matter
she can lie
cause Pat is the better fuck

©Iba Oshun