Wednesday, May 13, 2009

her little secret

She showed up in all black
Trench coat
And nothing else
i wasn't surprised, well, that she was coming over but i was surprised that she came bare
We had been knowing each other since childhood.
She was the only person i could trust
and the only woman who made me feel good about who i was
who i
she was the only person who knew i was born female
besides my parents of course
and since they were not around anymore
it was between me her and God
"i promise to always take care of you" she whispered in my ear as her coat hit the floor
body of a goddess soul of an angel and although i was with Pat. She still could have me when she wanted.
She led me to the couch
made sure i was comfortable
and then she sat in my lap
with her legs wrapped around me she kissed me
my lips
my neck
my chest then back to my lips
i could feel her getting wet
and it turned me on even more
she took things slow with me
even in the beginning of our friendship.

our bond was indescribable
"tell me what you want" she whispered as she slid my fingers inside of her, my mind was so gone she had to ask me again.
so she grabbed my other hand and wrapped it around her waist as she moaned
"Mikey, tell me
you want"
I loved it when she called me Mikey.
I loved her
and i wanted her to make love to me. and show me how muh she love me.
and she did just that
i picked her up and took her to the bedroom, laid her on her back and got undressed.
and she laid there, watching, waiting, wanting
i laid on top of her and kissed her neck
i nibbled a bit and slid down to her breast
with one nipple in my mouth and the other in my hand i went down further
she let out light moans as my tongue played wrestling with her pearl tongue
she grabbed my head and pushed me further in and i took it
all of it
and knowing that she was ready to cum
i stopped mid moan and got back on top of her
stroking slow enough to feel like we were one
she called out my name
and each time i heard her it made me want to go deeper
i wanted to rip out my soul and give it to her she felt so good, and she didn't have to warn me that she was about to cum
i could feel her muscles tightening
body shaking
legs getting weak

we came together
in unison
we were meant to be together
but i couldn't just up and leave Pat

she was perfect
never asked for anything
which made me want to give her everything
she never knew who i was really was because i didn't feel the need to tell her

due to a childhood injury she couldn't have kids so we adopted our son

why mess up a perfect life?

i couldn't
i wouldn't

but i did
i wanted her to experience the love i had for Pat
it would be so simple, i could love them both and not hide it right?

"I need a favor" i asked her, she did anything i asked of her why would this time be different
"Anything babe, what ever you need" she was so understanding

so i told her i wanted her to meet up with us at this club, kind of low-keyish and we can act as tho we never met.
and she was down.
ended up coming back to our place for drinks
one thing led to another and before i knew it, they were making love to each other
and if i could go back and change it, i would
cause now i have neither one

©Iba Oshun