Friday, April 24, 2009

bitches love me

A few years ago i was nothing like who i am now. I was married to the guy i thought was perfect.
We had a son, a beautiful house, everything a straight woman could want
until that night
damn what a night it was

We met her at
Sans Souci, a swingers bar in Dallas
i was already a bit nervous being there, watching people fuck like they had the slightest clue that they were being watched.
I dont even think they cared.

It was my first time there and while i was uncomfortable i was turned on at the same time,
i felt my nipples harden panties moist and i was only sitting at the bar. Watching

He told me he had to use the rest room and i begged him not to leave me but he said he would be back

so i waited
and i waited
and as i was waiting she walked over

and it was like i only saw her.
but i acted as tho i didn't.

"anyone sitting here?"
i couldn't turn her down,
she had the smoothest brown skin, nice full lips, long jet black hair, she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine

"no, go ahead"
she walked around, slightly touched my back and sat down
i felt my panties get drenched.
all i could think was oh my god, am i gay?
i wasn't.
i was happily married with kids and blah blah blah
i know what your thinking
bitch you gay
its ok, now.
we started this conversation and i got so wrapped up i forgot i was there with my husband
till he walked up
and for some reason i dropped my head like goooooooooot damn
but he didn't interrupt
he let us continue

but i didn't want to be rude, so i paused, introduced, and kept it moving
around one thirty out conversation had gotten so good i couldn't dare leave with out knowing if i would see her again
"can we invite her over?" i asked my husband, he had never told me no before so why start now
"sure baby i don't see why not"
and i did just that
i asked her if she would come to our house and have a few glasses of wine as we finish our conversation
and not that i was surprised
but she said yes
so we exchanged numbers, in case she got lost, left the club and headed to the house.

my son was still at my moms house so we had the whole night to ourselves, me, her, and my husband
we went thru three bottle of wine and were feeling really good.
my husband left to jump in the shower, and while he was away she came closer to me.
rubbing her hands thru my hair and across my face
telling me how beautiful i was
how sweet she bet i tasted
and all i could do was sit there

it had been such a long time since i had been turned on the way she turned me on
and boy did she turn me on

she came loser to me
close enough to smell the stale perfume on my neck
i could feel her inhale and exhale like i was a freshly picked bouquet
then she kissed me
slowly and very passionately
in the back of my mind i was thinking damn where is my husband
but my clit was thinking when do i get kissed

i had never been that wet
thats something else i kept thinking
five years of marriage and it takes a woman to make me feel this way?
before i knew it out of no where came this force of strength
i picked her up and wrapped her legs around carried her to the bedroom
i laid her on the bed and continued to kiss her
then i could feel his presence in the room
again he didn't stop us
he just watched

she slid her panties down her legs, i pulled her dress over her head
she pulled my panties off with her mouth, i held her hair to keep it out of the way
and before she could have my panties off good enough she slide her finger inside of me
while i enjoyed the sensation i did not enjoy the fat that my husband was left out
so i motioned him to me
dick hard as a rock i massaged it a bit
and i she slid in me i slid his man hood into my mouth
deep enough for him to feel the vibration of my moan from her finger fucking me
she went faster
so i sucked harder
apparently i sucked the best i ever have that night because he asked me to slow down,
he didn't want to cum that fast
so i did as he wished but before i knew it he was no where in the picture
some kind of way it ended up just me and her
she fucked my brains out that night
and i loved it

and that one night turned into a few nights a week
a few nights a week turned into weeks at a time
and before i new it we were together

by the time i met Whitney
i had transitioned
from soft ass woman
to hard core stud
and the bitches loved me

©Iba Oshun