Thursday, January 6, 2011

Caught. Red handed.


never heard me when I cried out for her.
And the only he she cared about was the he who paid the bills and dicked her down every night.
It was like I,
didn't even exist.
I was a ghost in my own house,
to a mother who didn't give a shit and a man who gave enough shit to fuck me when ever he had gotten the chance
she was blind to all of this and died never knowing.
Or did she?
Did she know what he was doing to me on a daily basis?
Was she using me as a sacrifice to the devil himself to live as fabulously as she did?
Never having to work.
Anything she ever wanted
and all for the price of a sweet ripe little ass.
Apparently I was fruit to him,
fruit of the Spirit
bringing his pedaphiliac ass
and happiness as I
going thru every ounce of pain a child could go thru just to keep my mother happy....
That bitch knew, and i bet it ate her up every second of what little bit of life she had left as he drained it from her pale body
The things we do for love.

I'll never forget the night she went to her best friends house and left me there with him for hours.
I was standing in front of the refrigerator getting a glass of juice and he came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder, telling me he wanted to show me something in my room....
i froze, cause i knew the only thing he wanted to show me was a cum shot.
He closed the fridge and led me to the bedroom by grabbing the back of my head then he closed the door.
He closed the door then he turned off the light.
Turned off the lights then pulled me over to the bed where he laid me on my stomach and pulled my shorts down
Pulled my shorts down then my boxers and whispered in my ear "Real men would never tell"
and right as he ended his sentence i felt him crawl inside of me, ripping what innocence was left of my eight year old body.

Shoving my face into the pillow and pounding harder,
reaching in front of me,
grabbing my balls and moaning louder.

Growing inside of me like a fetus inside of a womb and right before he came, he turned me over, pulled the hair at the nape of my neck to make me yell and he shoved
his dick
down my throat
deep enough for me to feel the tip of his head on my vocal chords as i cried out for her, yelling inside of my head for someone who could not hear me, would not save me, didn't give a fuck about me and right as the tears began to fall....
so did he. in my mouth. with no where to go but down. i swallowed as we heard the car pull up.
He cleaned himself up and told me to shower then go to bed.
He then threatened me and told me if i told, she would die.
And I would watch.
And he kept his promise.
Walking in on us one afternoon that I thought he would be gone for a while, i told her.
Watched her.
As the pain and agony burned the sides of her face.
Before she could get any words out he grabbed her, shoved her head into the wall then pushed her down the steps making it seem as tho it was an accident.
Right in front of me.
As he promised.
I was then sent to live with my grandparents, holding in two of the most horrible secrets anyone could ever live with...
Allowing these secrets to grow inside of me, and manifest into who I am today.

I usually fucked them then left before they could witness who I am. I had done this about 11 or 12 times before I met Melissa. She was different. I wanted her, and not just to relieve temporary pain, but I wanted to know all of her. So I got her the only way I could.
I followed her. For days at a time. Learning her routine and slowly becoming consumed by her.

I finally introduced myself, "accidental" bumping into her at a local bar she frequented. She was so beautiful, her eyes, her lips, the scent of her... I had to taste her.After our third date, she invited me up for a sip of wine. As excited as I was I played it as cool as I could and politely accepted.
We finished a bottle of wine and before i knew it we we're in her bed. I slowly undressed her. Kissing every piece of bare skin as i revealed it to myself. I kissed her scars like they were never there, kissed the inside of her thighs as tho they were her lips and I slowly placed my tongue inside of her. Slowly devouring all of her as I wished. I could feel her second heart beat thumping across my tongue as i sucked harder. Feeling her juices slide so smoothly down my throat as she begged for me to climb inside of her, and I did as she wished.
Pulling her on top of me, I held on to her hips as she stood on the bed and slide down on my shaft.
Squeezing my stomach as she inhaled my with her lower mouth, tears falling as she pulled me closer to hold on to my shoulders
pulling herself down harder on me
biting my ear
scratching my neck
and right before she let out her orgasm
right as I began to feel our worlds become combined
the door was kicked down
flash lights and guns were pointed in our faces
and all i could do was hold her and apologize before they took me down.