Thursday, September 10, 2009


The longer i laid there
the wetter i got
and i could have called Sam over but
it was clear i had an itch she couldn't
scratch if i gave her the tools to do so
"what up doe?"
"i need you..please"
i could feel her response,
i get the same one every time
"you always need me ma,
what is yo nigga doin fo you tho?"
same question
same answer
"she does what she needs to,
but its not the way you do it"
which was not a lie.
When Dre fucked me,
she did just that.
Sam took her time,
when foreplay was done
i would be tired as hell
but not Dre
she knew how to get me just right.
And its true,
i used her for sex,
that's all she was good for.
So i took what i could get.
"I'm wet Dre, all you have to do is climb in it"
I could hear her heart beat speed up.
"I'll talk to you on your way over,
please, just...come over"
She sighed
Moved around a bit
and i...
I heard keys moving.
"How wet is it ma?"
Shit even wetter now that
i knew she was coming
"I can feel it,
running down my pearl,
are you gonna help me?"
Like i didn't know she was on her way.
"I'll come over if you let me hear
how wet your pussy is"
She didn't have to ask twice
i put the receiver between my legs
stuck two fingers inside of me
and it was on, took a lot out of me to even stop.
And i could hear her moaning
biting her bottom lip,
i was about to get fucked down
and i couldn't be more excited.
"You betta cum for me when i get there,
real shit"
"Anything for you Dre,
you know it."

I saw lights
i heard a car
i went to the door
and there she was
she kissed me as i undressed her
she was already strapped up
she laid me on the dining room table
pulled up a chair
and began
like the was the last supper
she held my wrist to keep me from
touching her
she tongued my clit
and all i could do was
beg her to keep going
the more i begged
the more she teased
then she stopped
"Unzip my pants"
With no hesitations i did as she asked
which lead to her grabbing my neck
and ramming her dick in me
"Is this what you wanted?
To be fucked?"
It hurt so good all i could do was nod
"I said"
She went deeper
"Is this"
She pounded harder
"What the fuck"
She knocked the bottom of my pussy out
"You wanted"
Tears rolling down my face i moaned
"Yes what"
"Yes Dre"
"Yes Dre What"
"Yes Dre this is how i wanted to be fucked"
I'm not scared of her.
maybe a little but i ain't no punk bitch.
So i started throwing my pussy harder.
So hard in fact, i had to find a way to get my black ass
OFF my dining room table
"From the back...fuck me from the back"
And why did i say that?
My hair
was wrapped around her fist
my hands
on the back of the chair
my legs

and i could...

hear a noise...

I thought i was tripping until...

the door knob turned...

she walked in..

My life flashed before my eyes

The bags fell from Sams hands

Tears of Joy turned into
tears of pain

And Dre
Dre kept fucking..
kept fucking me till i pushed off
and with a slight smirk on her face she said
"But you wanted me to fuck you"

I fell to the floor
Sam walked closer to us
Dre pulled her clothes up
Sam grabbed the chair
Dre reached for my hand
Sam hit Dre
Dre fell
eyes open
mouth open
body lifeless

Sam left

©Iba Oshun