Monday, April 13, 2009

with my dudes


And it's not cheating cause we aren't together
and i wish her ass would realize that

now she's going to bug the shit out of me
i could already feel it
i was so glad to be home egh
i kept thinking about the first time i got her wet
and damn did she get wet
it was so wet it soaked thru her panties
its like she melted in my hands and i could still smell her; fucking
gets me every time
so i took my clothes off and got ready for a shower, i needed it bad, i was still horny
i just don't know which part turned me on the most
the fact that she came to the door in just a baby t
or the fact that she was pleasing herself
maybe a little bit of both
mmmm and when i heard ol girl moan damn i knew what time it was
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
imma say right
i don't know who she was on the phone with but they were having a hell of a conversation and as soon as i laid her down and made my way between her legs, stuck my tongue in didn't matter who she was on the phone with, i was gonna make her cum
and i did
body trembled, voice shook, toes curled, but i didn't fucking cum. she did
so while i was in the shower i decided to fix it
i needed to get mine too
i propped my leg up on the side of the bath tub
and let the water run down my chest to my stomach
from my stomach to my clit
and it felt so good to me i took the shower head off and set in the tub with my legs spread
and i place the splashing water between my legs and as soon as i felt my nut
i heard my girl in the other room
"baby where are you?"
i was so fucking hot when she said that.
all i wanted to do was cum
thats all asked for
was a nut

"im in the shower bay"
my knees were to weak to move so when she came in, i just set there

"Sam you ok?"
"yeah momma, im good, just trying to let some steam out" i told her and meant every word
"you have a stressful day baby?"
"oh its been a wild day bae, now, i just wanna bust this nut"
"let momma help you with that" she said as she undressed and grabbed the shower head out of my hand.
she placed it back on the wall and before i knew it she was on the floor of the tub with me, ass in the air and head between my legs.
i laid my head back and grabbed her hair, directing her to the spot that needed to be stroked. and she knew just what to do, momma knew how to take care of me, and the more her tongue thumped my pearl, the more i moaned and released tension that had been held in all damn day.

and then i came
like it was the first time i ever had an orgasm
her head was off the fucking chain
and as she was was washing my back she asked
"so where you been all day?"
i replied
"i was with my dudes"
and we left it at that
i was with my dudes

©Iba Oshun

Its not cheating

I hate when she just ups and leaves
especially when she gets my river flowing
Sad thing is this isn't the first time its happened.

The very first time
she came over for dinner, i cooked just enough for the two of us
And let her tell it she loved it
we moved from the dinner table to the couch
had a few sips of
and before i knew it, my shirt was off.
she kissed my neck so softly
felt like i was being kissed by a cloud
she took the tip of her tongue and ran it across my nipples
if you ask me she had a feather in her mouth
but it wasn't

it was only my imagination
the more she licked
the harder the pulse in my second heart beat

i wanted her
and she could tell
and after she massaged my thigh with tongue
she said "I'm not ready yet"
i felt my heart sink
"your not ready? you have my panties drenched and your not ready?"
yes i was upset. three months and the bitch still won't fuck me. she just plays with my mind

"I'm sorry ma" she replied as she got her things and left. that was two weeks ago.

We've had casual conversations since then, but neither one of us brought up that moment
Until three days ago
when she wanted to go to dinner. and it surprised me because it was out of no where.
But of course i said yes
i would be a fool not to. She picked me up around ten thirty
we went to Brooklyn's. This nice little jazz spot downtown. Very cozy, great food and an awesome live band. The music was bumping hard and the food had already settled so by this time i was ready to dance. Which was great timing cause so was she
She grabbed my waist and pulled me lose and we grinned so hard i could feel her on my clit. Jirattin like she had a dick down there.
And it felt so damn good.
The dancing led to us kissing like we were the only ones in there.
I didn't wanna make a scene so i asked her could we leave.
She paid the tab and held on to me as we went towards the car

The car scene was more intense than the club scene
as she leaned to open my door she kissed my neck from behind
I grabbed the back of her head and she sucked harder, the harder she sucked the further her hand went up my skirt. And before i knew it my panties were pulled to the side and my leg was in the passenger seat of the car.
At just the right height for her to play with my magic button
I'm so glad i shaved
She bent me over and stuck her fingers in me from the back, and for a split second i forgot our black asses were outside, i let out a moan that would have made anyone standing out there stop and stare.
So i stopped her, as much as i didn't want to
i did, asked her to go back to my place with me
and she did
i prayed all the way there "God please don't let her change her mind when we get here"
All that praying and it got me no where.
She got out of her car and walked me to the door, kissed me on my cheek and thanked me for another night.
All i could think is, "imma dump this bitch". I'm just saying. I got needs. And she ain't fulfilling them.
It was two in the morning, i was horny as hell and i could only think of one person to all


She's always there when i need her
so i called her
and before she could even get here words out, i said
"Leigh, i need you"
and she replied
"tell me what you need, and you can have it"

I laid back in my bed, pulled my b.o.g. out of the drawer
[my battery operated girlfriend]
and i spread my lips
allowing the wind to make that gentle breeze against my wet pussy
and i told her
"i need you to moan for me, help me cum".
As soon as i let those words come of the tip of my tongue, i heard a soft tapping at the front door.
I didn't feel right putting Leigh on hold, so i covered the mouth piece to the phone and hurried to the front door. And to my surprise, it was Toya. I know i had the dumbest look on my face.
And to make matters worst, Leigh was on the phone moaning. It was such a sweet sound, yet it was loud enough for Toya to here. She looked at me, grinned , then closed the door. She led me to the bedroom, softly laid me down on the bed and she whispered, "I'll be quiet".
I loved it. she kissed my neck, made a trail with her tongue to my stomach
and then Leigh asked
"are you wet?"
i couldn't lie if i wanted to. all i could do was say.
"yes, are you?"
and she told me
"yes, I'm wet, let me hear how wet it is"
I paused and looked up at Toya for the ok, and she nodded.
As i placed the phone between my legs, Toya kissed me. So seductively. Her tongue was so sweet, i almost forgot about the damn phone
I placed the phone back to my ear and Leigh was moaning harder, made me fuck myself faster.
Toya grabbed my hand and licked my fingers, then she went down below. Drinking my juice like she hadn't had a drink in months.
I moaned louder and although this was a very awkward moment, sex had never been so good until tonight
Toya tongued my pussy so deep i asked her if she felt it
But Leigh replied instead with this very arousing moan
and then she said
"you ready baby?"
I let out a moan of my own and said
"yes can i cum?"
And she must have been ready to cum with me cause all i heard her yell was yes
and we came at the same time.
I hung the phone up after that and pulled Toya up to where i was,
before i could gather my thoughts she said
"no. its not cheating"

©Iba Oshun

Late Night Thirst

She fucks me
but mentally
and i can honestly say that i have never been fucked so good.

The last time we talked was about three days ago
Two sixteen in the morning,
my phone rang
and although i was sleeping hard, i heard it
it was like
i felt her

"Leigh, i need you"
that shit touched me

"tell me what you need, and you can have it"

I knew she just wanted to use me.
but at this point
i didn't care

"i need you to moan for me, help me cum" she said

masturbation was never an option for me until i met her
the way she speaks to me
the softness of her voice
it all drives me wild
i gave it to her....
i gave her what she wanted

"are you wet?" i asked. something i already knew
"yes, are you?"
and although it was a lie, for now, i went with it
"yes, im wet." still trying to get there i then asked
"let me hear how wet it is"
and she put her shell to my ear and i heard the ocean.
that too made me feel some kind of way

i slowly rubbed my nipples
they were so erect i couldn't resist
had to let them know i felt the pain they were in
and i did
cause by this time my clit started throbbing, crying for some since of release
so i touched it
gently rubbed it and i heard her say
"can you feel it"
it felt so good, all i could do was moan
and she must have liked that cause she began to moan with me
the more she moaned
the wetter i got
the wetter i got
the faster i went
and before i knew it
it was getting closer
the phone fell away from my ear as i went faster
i placed two of my fingers inside of me and began to thump my g spot as i continued to massage my clit
slowly an orgasm approached
i asked her
"you ready baby?"
she let out a moan and said
"yes can i cum?"
and at this time the only thing that came out of my mouth was yes
i screamed as i released juice to fill her crave
her late night thirst

©Iba Oshun